What is a freelancer?

Freelancer (noun) Working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company.

It has always been on my mind, to be able to succeed in a career standing on my own two feet and not limiting myself to someone else’s company. The entrepreneurship runs in my family and has always inspired me to find good ideas, and make it a reality. The idea of a comfortable lifestyle, providing not only for myself; but to also create an impact on those around me.

This can be you.

Do you have a talent? Do you have a skill?

You name it: labourer, carpenter, painter, massage therapist, taylor, tour guide, language tutor, school tutor, electrician, barista, fitness coach, babysitter, dog sitter, baker, garbage removal, cleaner, shopping assistant, personal assistant, dance teacher, delivery driver, etc, etc.

Whistler is lucky to have an incredible array of hidden talents, coming from around the world. Create yourself a profile and start this journey with Adroit for a future that belongs to you.
Provide your hourly rate, your availability to work can be selected in our calendar, your skill or skills, your certifications, references, willingness to travel.
Browse on In Search Of gigs that are waiting to be completed, make bids on it, or contact the Employer and create a plan that best suits both parties needs.

Start and complete the job. Get reviews, build up your portfolio and get more gigs!
Don’t forget you are making up your own hours, asking for a competitive and fair wage, choosing who and when you want to work for/with.

Adroit was born with an idea and is now a reality that wishes to bring a change to the community and improve the lives of many people in Whistler (and beyond).

Very excited to see everyone's talents!