The story behind this...

How did this start?

It was when I made the permanent moved to Whistler that my life began costing me more than I had. I started working for Whistler Blackcomb and, week after week, spending more than I was making. Then the off-season started and no money was coming in. I knew I could work hard, and this is what a lot of employers look for, but, living in a hospitality town, jobs are fewer and lots of people are looking for work. I decided to start marketing myself by putting up a couple ads on bulletin boards, Facebook, and Craigslist, advertising myself as "Young man 2 hands." This is where the entrepreneurship began.

How did you get here?

Over the past few years, I worked doing labor for a couple construction companies. And in my off-time, computer programming. Within the last year, I reached a point where I realized I was ready for change (2019), not only in my life but in the lives of others. With a bit of background in sales and work coming in faster than I can handle, I want to bring this talent to the table — along with many others. I decided to spend some extra hours developing this website and seeing if it takes off. There is just no service like this out there, and I know there is a demand for it.

What's next?

My goal is to continue working on this. I have plenty of ideas and know that there is still a lot that needs to be done. Unfortunately, I am a one-man team that has developed this, and I need to pay for my daily expenses (a cost higher than the average by living in Whistler). This results in keeping a full-time job to support myself and this project. I have the best intentions, and I will be giving this service away FREE for at least the first month. If you feel like this is an important project and you want it to succeed just as much as I do, consider donating below or contact me in regards to how you can help developer-wise, work-wise, or just to wish me the best of luck!

I want to thank everyone who read this and came to the site. Bonus thank you to those who subscribed. I will make a videos on the YouTube page explaining all this.

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